There are many benefits to welcoming a person with a disability into your workplace, including 

  • Increase in staff morale and boosted sense of teamwork and inclusivity 

  • Significant savings to your business through reduced turnover, recruitment and retraining costs 

  • People with disability build a strong connection with your customer base 

  • Contributes to your business's overall commitment to a diverse workforce 

We offer end to end employment services, which includes: 

  • No cost recruitment services 
  • Candidate screening 
  • Shortlisting and interview coordination 
  • Advice on accessing financial incentives and wage subsidies 
  • Inducting the successful candidate 
  • Education and training for existing employees 
  • Supporting your new employee on the job 
  • Ongoing support and advice when you need us 

Yes, we will guide you through the process of accessing the Employment Assistance Fund, and any other relevant incentives.

Depending on the needs of your new employee, we can support you to access the following: 

  • Workplace modifications 

  • Assistive technology 

  • Disability, D/deaf and mental health awareness training 

  • Auslan interpreting 

Workplace modification refers to reasonable adjustments that help your new employee do their job. It could include: 

  • Flexible working hours, i.e. giving the option to work part time or from home 

  • Providing equipment such as speech recognition software for someone with vision impairment, or an amplified phone for a person who is hearing impaired 

  • Height-adjustable work stations 

  • Installing a ramp or widening doorways for people in a wheelchair or those who use a mobility aid 

Once you have hired your team member, we continue to offer support to ensure a smooth transition into their new role. This can look like 

  • Regular check-ins as your new employee settles in 

  • On-the-job training for your new employee, if required 

  • Assisting with communication 

  • Ongoing support for workplace adjustments or modifications 

  • Linking your business with diversity and inclusion training opportunities

We take the time to get to know you and your recruitment needs and match you with a candidate that we are confident will suit the role. We will be there every step of the way to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

If issues arise or the work placement isn’t going as planned, our team will work closely with you to develop support strategies to help get everything back on track. We can identify issues and implement recommendations that will work towards positive outcomes for both you and your employee.

Contact our team on 1300 635 627 or fill in this form and one of our team members will discuss your requirements and find the right fit for your business.