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A Disability Employment Service (DES) supports people with a disability, injury or mental health condition to prepare for, find and keep a job. DES gives participants flexibility and choice in what services they receive and how they receive them.

To be eligible for Disability Employment Services you must: 

  • Have a disability, injury or mental health condition 

  • Be an Australian resident or eligible visa holder aged 14 to 65 

  • Be at or above the minimum working age in your state or territory 

  • Be able to work between 8 and 30 hours a week 

  • Not be studying full time 

  • Not be currently working at or above your Employee Benchmark hours 

Additionally, from 1 July 2021 a job seeker must:

  • have a future work capacity with intervention of less than 30 hours per week; and
  • be in receipt of an income support payment, except where the job seeker is:
    • ESAt/JCA exempt (Eligible School Leaver, Special Class Client or Work Assist);
    • a current NDIS participant;
    • a Pre-Release Prisoner; or
    • undertaking a DES program to satisfy Program of Support requirements.

You can access Disability Employment Services through a referral by Centrelink or by registering with Mylestones directly. When you visit Centrelink, they can carry out an employment assessment to see if you are eligible quickly.

An Employee Services Assessment (ESAt) is a test conducted by a Centrelink Assessor to determine your current and future work capacity based on your individual circumstance. They will discuss the kinds of support and services that are available, and recommend a DES suited to your needs. 

*Other than a few exceptions, job seekers must have a valid ESAt before commencing with a DES provider. For more detailed information on ESAt exceptions, please call us on 1300 635 627. 

Through the DES program, eligible people with a disability, injury or mental health condition can receive help to prepare for, find and keep a job. Once you sign up with Mylestones, one of our dedicated job development officers will get to know you and your goals. 

Our services are tailored to your needs, but support can include: 

  • Career advice and goal setting 

  • Resume and interview preparation 

  • Training and skill development opportunities 

  • On-the-job support 

  • Matching with suitable employers 

  • Advice and implementation of workplace modifications 

  • Firstly, Centrelink will complete an assessment to see if you are eligible 

  • If you fit the criteria, Centrelink will refer you to a DES provider close to home 

  • You have the choice of what DES you want to sign up with. If you go with a different option, your chosen provider will work with Centrelink directly to confirm eligibility 

  • Once you have joined, you will be paired with a Job Development Officer to start the employment process. 

No, Mylestones also provides support to job seekers who have injuries or mental health conditions to find and keep a job.

The DES program is funded by the Australian Government and has no cost for job seekers.

Absolutely – we will only go at the pace you are comfortable with. This could mean starting with some training and skill development before beginning your job search.

Once you have found a job, we can help you access workplace modifications like equipment and aids, as well as provide education, training, and on-the-job support.

The School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) program is designed to help you transition from school to work. The Mylestones team will work with you to discover your career goals and ambitions and help you develop a plan for how to get there. 

While SLES is typically for year 12 students, supports can be considered for any student looking to transition into the workforce, even if they are two years out of school. 

Deciding whether to disclose your disability or health condition to your colleagues is completely your choice. If you choose to do so, we can support you to communicate the information you decide to share.

If you are currently with a different provider and would like to make the switch to Mylestones, simply call our team on 1300 635 627.

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