We sat down with one of Mylestones Employment’s Job Development Officers to chat about creating diversity in Australia’s workforce.

Jamie Ferrer, who has worked in the disability sector since 2012, strongly believes in helping people with disabilities to overcome barriers to reach their goals with employment.

On any given day, Jamie can be seen meeting with clients, working in administration or marketing and giving job support to businesses and employees.

“I love that we are a part of changing people lives in a positive way, by helping them achieve their goals in finding and maintaining employment,” she said.

“I have worked with a client who experiences extreme anxiety to the point of tears at the thought of meeting new people, or being placed in new situations. We placed her in a role and she’s been there for over 12 months without missing a shift, working front of house dealing with customers on a daily basis, working in a busy, ever changing environment.”

This has helped both her client and the business in securing a hard-working and reliable employee who has flourished as a result of her employment.

“Since starting the role, she has gained the confidence to travel to Sydney on her own, and is at uni studying accounting. This is one of the rewarding parts of the job I love and why the team keep going.”

“I am proud to be a part of the Mylestones Employment team, and I truly believe in what we do. It’s so good to know you’re making a difference,” she said.

Be part of building a better future for all Australians with diversity. We put in the hard yards to match employees with your business and offer on-the-job training and continued on-site support.

If you’re looking to give someone an opportunity to get started, get in touch with Mylestones Employment today on 1300 635 627 or send us an online enquiry.