A job represents many different things, from a reason to get out of bed in the morning, to a social network, an opportunity to learn and a chance to connect.

Like most young school leavers, Tom Merryweather was bursting to enter the real world but didn't know what he wanted to do or where to turn for some support to help him decide.

Tom looked to Mylestones Employment to help him find a job in the local community and now he's in a role he loves! He recently celebrated his 1 year anniversary working with Shane Simpson and the team at Burleigh Town Removals and Storage, who often provide services right here at the SLSC.

Fast forward to today, Shane and Tom can't imagine it any other way.

"Tom is a real asset to our team. We know when he's on his day off because suddenly everything is a mess and out of order," Shane said, laughing. "He's a really hard worker."

Shane and his business have been working with Mylestones Employment for over 3 years, and are passionate about supporting the community and giving back since they first opened their doors 20 years ago.

"All people need is an opportunity to get started. Giving people skills and supporting them to feel safe and respected is so important to me and my business," Shane said.

If you're looking to give someone an opportunity to get started, get in touch with Mylestones Employment today on 1300 635 627 or send us an online enquiry.