Support through COVID-19

If you are living with a disability, injury or mental health barriers we are here to support you to find new training and employment opportunities. Mylestones understands the impact that COVID-19 has had on seeking employment and we are here to help. We provide the tools, resources and training so you can earn an income and regain your independence.

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Mylestones Employment is here to support you

At Mylestones we find employment for people with disabilities, injuries or mental health barriers. We understand that suddenly becoming unemployed can be daunting. We have the expertise, tools and advice to help you navigate your way into training and back to employment.

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How we can help

We know it's a difficult time for job seekers with so much uncertainty and change. Let us guide you through the process step by step and help you to create a customised job plan based on your goals, skills and aspirations.

We’ll also support you with your job search and match your skills to the right position.

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