If there is one thing Rachel Baker can do, it's overcome a challenge.

Rachel's passion for biology was ignited watching David Attenborough in high school, which is when she discovered something she was serious about studying – science.

Learning has always been a challenge for Rachel, and the thought of transitioning from high school to university was terrifying, especially when she had to move from Goondiwindi to Townsville. But all along Rachel knew it would be worth the challenge.

She was towards the end of her Bachelor of Science degree when she heard about the University Specialist Employment Pathways (USEP) program, and says she wished she had heard about it sooner. There were a few lecturers who were proactive about graduate programs and different ways to secure employment post-degree, and she did manage to find some short-term casual employment, but Rachel knew she needed an extra boost to get to where she wanted to be.

Rachel was introduced to the team at Mylestones Employment through USEP and it has made all the difference. The team took Rachel through the whole process of employment post-graduation, including how to get into the real world and what it takes to enter the workforce.

"I was incredibly anxious to begin with, but the team at Mylestones made everything seem simple and approachable," she said.

"They helped me find my feet and realise I was employable.

"The support from USEP and Mylestones was critical because my confidence was my biggest challenge.

"The emotional support has been the most valuable part of the experience."

Rachel is now working in her dream job at the Department of Environmental Science as an Environmental Officer – everything she has dreamed of.

"The challenge feels worth it when it's something you love."

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