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Employment Options for School Leavers

Ask an Expert: Employment Options for School Leavers

Finishing high school can be an overwhelming time, often filled with worry and stress about what the…
Lachlan and Adelaide standing inside the Mylestones Solutions Coffee Cart

Mylestones Coffee Crews Cruising in Style

For many people, coffee is a great way to kick-start the day. For Lachlan and Adelaide, coffee has b…
Woman in background pointing at computer screen, woman seated in foreground on desk chair looking at screen

Tips for creating a more accessible workplace

Accessibility is about removing barriers to a workplace or work function, so that everyone has equal…
Quita, Regional Manager at Mylestones Employment

International Women’s Day at Mylestones Employment

We know we've got a great community of driven, insightful women here at


Welcome to 2019! 

Every year, we strive to make (and keep!) New Year's resolutions.

Chris at Greenway Turf

Chris' journey to employment

How Chris overcame his obstacles to work

When Chris Tregea was